ReconRx works for clinic dispensary pharmacies to provide an efficient and cost effective way to track and recover payments from third party payers. ReconRx tracks payment at the transaction (claim) level to ensure payment to your clinic dispensary pharmacy in the amount promised at the time of adjudication.

Financial Savings...

ReconRx understands that clinic dispensary pharmacies do not have the resources to track third party reimbursements at the claim level. The result may be loss of revenue due to unpaid claims and missing reimbursement checks from third party payers. ReconRx has developed a state of the art program that electronically reconciles your claims to ensure you are accurately reimbursed from the third party.

Time Savings...

In addition to saving you money, ReconRx also saves time! The claims reconciliation process can take hours daily, if done manually. We are able to automate this process and track unpaid claims and missing checks. A current aging report is available online 24/7 for your convenience.

Cash Flow...

ReconRx begins tracking claims as early as 15 days before competing programs to assure your pharmacy receives prompt payment.

Peace of mind...

In addition to tracking your payments, ReconRx takes it one step further by recovering any lost or delayed payments on behalf of your clinic dispensary pharmacy. All correspondence with the third party payers regarding outstanding payments is documented and available to you via our website for your convenience.

Flat Monthly Service Fee

Your flat monthly fee will be determined by the number of third party prescriptions processed by your clinic dispensary pharmacy each month:

Less than 2,000: $50.00/month

More than 2,000: $100.00/month

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